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@TeacherToolkitIn 2010, Ross Morrison McGill founded @TeacherToolkit from a simple Twitter account through which he rapidly became the ‘most followed teacher on social media in the UK’. In 2015, he was nominated as one of the ‘500 Most Influential People in Britain’ by The Sunday… Read more about @TeacherToolkitI am absolutely flabbergasted by the response of my book, 100 Ideas: Outstanding Lessons. I am inundated with tweets and really cannot say thank you enough! To answer your questions, I have provided a collection of 100 Ideas book tweets for reference, review and example practice…I am delighted to see the book working well, using all the chapter-references to Twitter. This has allowed unique hashtags to develop and has provided opportunities for teachers to share their ideas and resources, from their own classrooms, online.I have provided an example tweets of classroom impact; general recommendations; photos and queries for Primary teachers who have asked how transferable the book content is. Each image is live, so you can click directly on the photo to retweet or reply to the original teacher. I hope you find it useful.Current book reviews are here.Classroom impact:#takeawayhmk @teachertoolkit – the best idea since Take-Aways! pic.twitter.com/oH8UqGX3GA— DTResources (@educationCPD) October 3, [email protected] fe electrical tutor “what why how”! is now all round my classroom students recite it every lesson!! pic.twitter.com/P7NGOiYeMi— Russell Griffiths (@Rissol_Gruffis) October 4, 2013Thank you for idea 45 @TeacherToolkit. It has turned around a difficult class in one lesson! From a grateful NQT! #100Ideas— keyislearning (@keyislearning) October 10, 2013Primary teachers:https://twitter.com/lesleymuriss/status/386549891293782016General recommendations:@TeacherToolkit-100 ideas is just too good. Planning for a lesson obs tomorrow and have 17 versions all using different ideas #sorebrain— Cecilia Payton (@payton_cecilia) October 6, 2013A superb book by @TeacherToolkit a full chapter on risk taking. Idea 94 is my favourite #noexcuses pic.twitter.com/EXK4pwC1Jw— Stephen Logan (@Stephen_Logan) October 6, [email protected] #100 ideas arrived yesterday . Gave a copy to members of my DT team , they could not put it down.— Richard (@rtbroad) October 5, 2013https://twitter.com/ritchie_rmg/status/386825936517074945https://twitter.com/TamalaLaming/status/385756771320492032https://twitter.com/lauren_lsm/status/[email protected] Glass of wine in one hand; #100Ideas in the other. Husband wondering why I want to read “worky” stuff on a Friday.— Sam Fowler (@sam_m_fowler) October 4, [email protected] @HollyBloomsbury @ACBedu Utterly brilliant. I read it Thursday, did 3 new things Friday & spread 4 new ideas with colleagues— Susan Wilde ❄️ (@Susan_Wilde) October 5, 2013Just read @TeacherToolkit ‘s #100ideas during a road trip! Some good stuff!— Masqueration (@Masqueration) October 6, 2013The best thing I’ve read in a while! Some brilliant, effective and easy to implement ideas – #100Ideas By @TeacherToolkit. #spoton— Miss Muirhead (@MissMuirhead) October 7, 2013https://twitter.com/mattjamestwit/status/386962987518816256#100Ideas never read a book so fast, absolutely buzzing with ideas. Thanks @TeacherToolkit— Naomi___hannah (@naomi___hannah) October 12, 2013Photos:Now here’s a sight that is going to please @TeacherToolkit pic.twitter.com/K0mVzwCzP7— Mike Bostock (@Mike_Bostock) October 8, 2013#phoster #wwh @TeacherToolkit actually I prefer this. It’s going on my wall on Monday. pic.twitter.com/fsBHwIclqQ— Susan Wilde ❄️ (@Susan_Wilde) October 5, [email protected] – Inspiring the next generation – can I get away with it as a bedtime story? #100Ideas pic.twitter.com/7cPcHuCapo— STEMChick (@SarahLChick) October 5, 2013https://twitter.com/WilsonRhian/status/386202824293761024At the MotoCross British Champs. Have my #100ideas with me – finding time to read! #100ideasontour @TeacherToolkit pic.twitter.com/A79dO7jR5i— Laura T (@mathsatschool) October 6, [email protected] putting it to use already. Using Blooms taxonomy as a writing frame with questions. #100Ideas pic.twitter.com/gh8z9o4tbV— St Bedes D&T Dept (@BedeEngineering) October 8, [email protected] – a fantastic read. Ideas can be adapted to post 16 education too 😊 pic.twitter.com/en34MoVY4N— Sukhi Sander (@SukhiSander) October 12, 2013What else?If you ever have the chance to write a book, do it!To purchase 100 Ideas: Outstanding Lessons, click here.100 Ideas Book coverSneak Preview?Click here to look inside and here to see images shared on Twitter.51.511214-0.119824Related

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