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@TeacherToolkitIn 2010, Ross Morrison McGill founded @TeacherToolkit from a simple Twitter account through which he rapidly became the ‘most followed teacher on social media in the UK’. In 2015, he was nominated as one of the ‘500 Most Influential People in Britain’ by The Sunday… Read more about @TeacherToolkitWhere would I be without Twitter? Where would my own extended (PLN) Professional Learning Network be without the 140 character responses from my colleagues dotted all over the world? This simple blog is my very own detailed list of educators I draw inspiration, advice and interact with on Twitter, time and time again. And they are not all teachers, but educators in various sectors and countries, curated from those whom I have been interacting with online for up to 6 years; and other colleagues I have met and have developed professional relationships with.Post-publication (September 2016): written 3 years ago, context is needed when reading this post. Firstly, there were less teachers using Twitter, so the diversity of people selected was narrow. The choices also reflect the type of accounts I used to follow – chosen merely on the basis that they were a school leader – which I have now rectified in my own selection of accounts to interact with. This also highlights the needs for greater awareness of BME (Black and Minority Ethnic) teachers who are not in school leadership and our own personal choices. Read this updated version 101 Educators to Follow on Twitter.101 Teachers to Follow on Twitter:I only follow 640 (circa. November 2014) teachers on Twitter. This blog contains 101 educators, those who I regularly connect with. I wanted to make this distinction and avoid a short-list of those to include from the 640 I choose to follow. This is my list which has taken two days to create and blog here. I could easily spend more time and add countless more educators. There will be mistakes and I will edit after publication. So, please be patient and I do hope it is a useful reference for those new to Twitter. There are many people missing from this list!When tweeting, please click the link at the end of each teacher-biography to give them a ‘shout-out’ and include the hashtag, #101Teachers.You can also read my:10 Top Tips for Tweeting Teachers10 Top Tips for Blogging Teachers101. @NancyGedgeA passionate blogger, mum and teacher. Nancy shares the life of her children growing up in school. Click to tweet her here.100. @cijane02Marc knows how to break down barriers. We first connect whilst he was still working as a deputy headteacher in Hong Kong. Since then, he now teaches in Glasgow and continues to help all teachers engage with psychology and neuroscience. Mark also blogs and you can tweet him here.99. @BenneyPenyrheolDamian said he jumped for joy when I started following him on Twitter. He is a proud deputy headteacher (and Science Teacher) working at Penyrheol Comprehensive in South Wales. He writes a good blog! Click here to tweet him and start him off on teaching and learning!98. @Ragazza_IngleseNever shy of a TeachMeet, I have heard Summer Turner speak on several occasions. Even on a London Bus for teacher CPD! She is a faculty leader and senior teacher with responsibility as head of English at an East London Science School. Summer blogs here and you can connect on Twitter here.97. @HelenSalmon2Helen is the principal of Tavistock College. She is based in Bristol and tweets here.96. @DrCWebbBAPhDFormerly an FE teacher, researcher and charity calendar designer, Carol Webb is now a British Curriculum Secondary School English Teacher in Dubai and blogger. She’s also a great laugh!95. @ChrisHildrewChris is a deputy headteacher and Media/English teacher at @chewvalleysch. He is working towards an NPQH and writes superb blogs over here. Send him a tweet about teaching?94. @LancsLassRachRachel Smith is a part time MFL teacher, avid sea kayaker, full time mum and wife living on the Isle of Man. Her blog, Musings From The Island is a worthwhile read and she tweets here.93. @BillWatkinOperational Director, SSAT. Working with all academies to identify, nurture, record, share and celebrate what works well. He even pitches up at the occasional @SLTeachMeet. Click here to tweet.92. @JosePicardoJose is a passionate blogger. He is a fellow of @TheRSAorg and works tirelessly to share his interests in iPads in education. Tweet him here and ask him what apps he is using?91. @PekabeloPete Jones is an assistant headteacher, growing excellence and mindsets in schools. He also designed the @SLTchat logo, which is now connecting with over 13,000 senior leaders across the UK. I will always be grateful to Pete for just this alone! He is a creative tweeter and blogger. Contact him here.90. @ConsultantHeadEx-headteacher and seriously experienced in special and behavioural education, Andrew Hall is now a specialist safeguarding consultant helping schools do all they can to protect children from harm. He delivers a great INSET too! Click here to tweet.89. @AliceHoylePSHEAlice is all about PSHE (but mainly sex education and mental health) and blogs here. She is based in the South West and joined Twitter in 2011. She came to most tweeting teacher’s attention last summer when schools were exposed for having inadequate sex education policies! Click here to tweet.88. @MillsyBlueSteve Mills is a headteacher and occasional mixes his time-line between football and teaching. He joined Twitter in 2009 and tweets here for the occasional football pun.87. @DugHallDug is a relentless man pursuing technology in education. He has a background in primary education and is currently working across the UK as a consultant. He attends TeachMeets and is a school governor. His blog is here and is worth reading. Click here to tweet.86. @PhilBeadleAs Phil has already written, “a decade ago Ross and I were both up for London Teacher of the Year. We drew, and settled it down an East end boozer over a game of darts in which I fluked a lucky double top. We were struck that night by the degree of intellectual similarity between us: a preference for going in the side door rather than simply doing things we were told to do by people who were bored of what they did for a living.”Phil Beadle is a genius! Despite falling in and out of love with Twitter, you’d be a fool not to engage with him online. His website is here and you can click here to tweet him. Even his tweets can be cryptic and require some intellect! Don’t say I didn’t warn you …85. @DLibbertEducation Director at Teachers TV, David Libbert. I worked with David on a couple of teacher films! Click here to tweet.84. @CoolCatTeacherAmerican-based Vicki Davis is a prolific tweeter. Her blog is ranked within the top-30 across the world! Click here to tweet.83. @DigitalMaverickTechnologist and vice chair of @naace. Drew is based in Hertfordshire. Click here to tweet.82. @DeputyMitchellEx-headteacher and blogging philanthropist, David joined Twitter in 2009 and has single-handedly connected primary schools across the globe with his QuadBlogging project. Click here to tweet.81. @HeadTeachDunnDavid is a headteacher in a primary school in the West Midlands. He joined Twitter in 2009 and blogs here. Click here to tweet.80. @Hywel_RobertsIndependent Thinking Associate Director, Hywel is a drama teacher and author of ‘Oops!’. His blog is here and you can click here to tweet him.79. @Mike_BostockMike is interested in education leadership and development. He supports hundreds of schools with high impact performance data with his clever software tool, 4Matrix. Click here to tweet. 78. @BrianLightmanBrian is an ex-headteacher and the General Secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders (@ASCL_UK). He joined Twitter in 2009. Click here to tweet.77. @EduSumSummer Howarth based in Australia is a curious learner, currently exploring education with @LFrontiers. You can click here to tweet her.76. @Mark_WoodI first came across Mark when he invited me to attend SPARK in the United Arab Emirates. Sadly, I didn’t fly over to attend one of the most prolific TeachMeet events in the world! Mark is a head of ICT at Dubai College and is the co-founder of SPARK, the UAE’s largest TeachMeet ever! He is based in Dubai. Click here to tweet.75. @StephenDrew72Meet Essex headteacher Stephen Drew. The only man I know who tweets how it is. Never without controversy, Stephen always has his tweets on the money and is passionate about education. In my opinion, he’s the headteacher everyone wants to work for, a true gentleman who loves his rugby. Click here to tweet.74. @MsFindlaterThe delightful Sarah Findlater and new author is an assistant headteacher and soon-to-be-mum in South London. She writes a fabulous blog and is the co-founder of @SLTCamp. She is lovely! Click here to tweet.73. @RealDCameronCharming, witty and super-intellectual, his Scotsman talks business when it comes to shifting goalposts in education. I first met David when he attended my @SLTeachMeet in Edinburgh 2013. He is a trainer and school consultant. David is the real Mr. David Cameron! Click here to tweet him.72. @DrMeganCrawfordSuper-clever BELMAS executive Megan and I first met when a troll introduced us on Twitter! She is passionate about further education and research and has just published her first book. Click here to tweet.71. @PsychologyMarcFather and psychology teacher. Marc’s blogs are a must-read from me. Click here to tweet.70. @TristramShepardProbably one the most topical bloggers I know, Tristram is passionate about equality and design education. Click here to tweet him.69. @IanFordham and @Ty_GoddardThese two men are a powerful force in education. You’d be mad to ignore what they have to say! Click here to tweet.68. @KennyGFrederickRecently retired as a secondary headteacher but not retired from education or life! Kenny has something to say about most things, has a blog but needs encouragement! She is lovely in the flesh and equally on Twitter.67. @JudeEnrightJude is a deputy headteacher in West London, responsible for teaching and learning. She blogs on SEN issues and research education. Click here to tweet.66. @Miss_McInerneyLaura is the deputy editor of @AcademiesWeek, a Guardian columnist and Freedom of Information warrior! She makes known, countless educational issues and raises awareness with many teachers. Where would we be without her? Click here to tweet.65. @EyeBeamsLeon is the responsible for bringing much of the TeachMeet landscape to be what is now is today. Without his dedication to filming events all over the country, many of us would be none-the-wiser! He’s a web designer, coder, teacher, poet, artist, journalist and broadcaster of Teacher 2 Teacher TV. Click here to tweet.64. @WonderFrancisTeacher, researcher, writer and incredible journalist, Francis is full of opinion and fact. He once interviewed me. Click here to tweet him.63. @DavidMcQueenA true gentleman, David is passionate about education, family and his kids, plus cultural identity. Click here to tweet.62. @RusselTarrHistory teacher who shares creative, flexible ideas and resources shot to fame when Michael Gove generated increased attention to his wide range of history resources. Based in France, Russell’s blog is here and tweets frequently here.61. @SurrealAnarchyMartin Robinson’s book Trivium 21c is hailed by many on Twitter as the book that has significantly changed their thoughts on education. He blogs and has an interest in culture, politics, creativity, and the Liberal Arts (especially grammar, dialectic and rhetoric) and is a member of The Royal Society of Arts. He’s a chap I’ve been dying to meet. Click here to tweet.60. @rlj1981The lovely Rachel Jones blogs frequently on ‘creativity’ and has inspired many of my blogs! She is a teacher and eLearning coordinator in the South West of England. She has just edited her first book. Click here to tweet.59. @DisIdealistThis ex-DfE blogger shares all his education insights. Believe me, they are fascinating! He is my most-wanted to meet in real-life tweeters and is on my ‘top of the list’ for anonymous bloggers. Click here to tweet.58. @LCLL_DirectorVivienne Porritt is the Executive Director of the London Centre for Leadership in Learning at the @IOE_London. Click here to tweet her here. I was please when Vivienne attended SLTeachMeet and presented to 100 teachers on a Saturday in July! Her presentation is here.57. @SDuppEveryone’s favourite educational cartoonist! Stan Dupp has his finger on the pencil! Click here to tweet.56. @RichardGerverEx-headteacher, and worldwide speaker, broadcaster and author. I can’t wait to meet him! Click here to tweet.55. @Laura_SuthsLaura Sutherland is a head of English in Hertfordshire. Her blog is here and you can click here to tweet her.54. @PKAinsworthSecondary school headteacher and author of ‘Get that Teaching Job’. I have read countless articles and blogs by Paul and have shared them with my leadership teams. They are powerful reads. Click here to tweet.53. @Penny_TenDirector of The Key and co-founded @UKGovChat. She is passionate about education, school governance and her kids! She has presented at @SLTeachMeet London. Click here to tweet.52. @DrMattOLearyMatt has produced a book which includes the largest research in validity and reliability of lesson observations in the UK. He is an FE lecturer at the University of Wolverhampton. Click here to tweet.51. @DiLeedDiane stands for no nonsense. She is an English and Literacy teacher, working mainly in secondary schools and with EAL students. Click here to tweet her and start a conversation.50. @TonyParkinI have never had the pleasure of meeting Tony, but he was one of my first connections online over 4 years ago. He makes my top-50. We have been unfortunate enough to miss each other at various events, so I do hope we have the chance to finally catch up in 2015. He is disruptive nostalgist and educational technologist. A former Head of ICT Development at SSAT. Click here to tweet. 49. @DawnHallyboneAgain, I came within a whisker of meeting Dawn at one of my own teachmeet events. Dawn describes herself before the beginning of great brilliance, there must be chaos! She’s been tweeting since 2008. Click here to tweet.48. @TheHeadsOfficeThere are times in life when opportunities arise and people are there to offer genuine support in return for absolutely nothing. Julia Skinner may or may not remember, but way back in 2007 when I was first looking for a senior leadership position, Julia offered to read my supporting statement and we spoke over the phone (200 miles apart). Small favours last a lifetime.Julia is a retired headteacher who is passionate in all aspects of education and leadership. She is the founder of the award-winning 100 Word Challenge and is here to help all! Click here to tweet.47. @NSRiazatNasima Riazat has been tweeting since 2009 and again, is one of my most earliest Twitter connections. She is a PhDchat moderator and is always encouraging me to commence my PhD research! She is interested in distributed leadership, leadership sciences and developing middle leaders. Click here to tweet.46. @RantingTeacherRanting Teacher is a self-confessed educator in a bog-standard UK secondary school. They have been tweeting since 2009 and were my first taste of mixing education and humour on Twitter. I actually think Ranting Teacher was my inspiration for separating my personal account in 2008 from my place of work, and creating a second professional Twitter account in 2010 that I now have today. Ranting Teacher demonstrates the ability to tweet about education frustrations, whilst maintaining a certain level of decorum. Click here to tweet.45. @FullOnLearningI have been following Zoe Elder for several years, and finally had the pleasure of meeting here at a conference we both presented at, this week! She is lovely! Zoe is a senior leader, a coach and author of ‘Full On Learning’ – she also write a fabulous blog here. You can click here to tweet Zoe.44. @DanJJRobertsI first encountered Dan Roberts – a refined deputy headteacher – as Chicken Man, his alter-ego on Twitter. After several years tweeting, I finally met him at The Education Summit in July 2014 at Clarence House. We took this selfie with Michael Gove and another here with Boris Johnson! You can clearly see we were there for the refreshments! I look forward to catching up with Dan soon. Click here to tweet Dan.43. @Toffler73I once worked with Stephen Fuller in one of the toughest E-ACT academies in the country! We both took voluntary redundancy from jobs we loved to save ourselves from pending disaster. It took us both 2-3 years to recover our careers and together, we could easily write our own book (based on this experience alone) and design our own curriculum! He is now an assistant headteacher based in Gloucestershire. He loves great teaching, creative curriculums and using data properly, and is a non-league football fanatic! Click here to tweet.42. @Ideas_FactoryTweeting since 2009, Julian Wood is one of the unsung heroes of the teacher-resources world! Long before I took the TES to task with my blog Vamoose, forcing them to re-write their Terms and Conditions for over 700,000 users worldwide. Julian had quietly campaigned against TES terms and conditions regarding intellectual property rights of teacher-owned material; and without his help, this change in UK teacher resources would not have happened behind the scenes. He is a primary school technologist and master computer teacher who uses the web to stimulate his writings. Click here to tweet him.41. @IanStuart66Ian used to tweet from @IslayIan. He is a senior teacher, seconded to the Scottish Government who is now based in Edinburgh. Before then, when he worked on the Isle of Islay, he tweeted some of the most stunning ‘journey to school’ photographs man could ever desire to see! Click here to tweet him.40. @AngelaMaiersAngela has been tweeting since 2007! She is based in Iowa and is a speaker, author and educator. Founder of @Choose2Matter, she is driving the conversation on digital media for educators everywhere! Here blog is here and you can click here to tweet here..39. @EylanEzekielAny man who has the energy to attempt to start-up his own school, deserves a little respect from anyone. Eylan is a teacher, publisher and speaker. Click here to tweet.38. @Miss_SnuffyKatharine Birbalsingh is the Headteacher of Michaela Community School, a free school in the London Borough of Brent. She is a strong supporter of the former Education Secretary Michael Gove, and has written plenty of fine articles in the press. Katharine has a love-hate relationship with Twitter. Click here to tweet.37. @MoheeniPatelMoheeni is a fabulous ICT teacher and former Teacher of the Year! She teaches in North London. Click here to tweet Moheeni and get her tweeting more!36. @RachelOrrObsessed with education and high-heels, Rachel is an opera singer and avid TeachMeet attendee. She is based in County Durham and truly is, the queen of high-heels! Check out her blog, where she posts once a day! Click here to tweet.35. @ShellTerrellShelly Sanchez is a teacher trainer and international speaker. She is the founder of the 30 Goals Challenge. Click here to tweet.34. @cherrylkdCherryl is an assistant headteacher and CPD leader, responsible for newly qualified teachers. She blogs passionately about SEN education and has stirred the media several times with some of her thoughts! She teaches in Blackpool.  Click here to tweet.33. @MrLockyerThis man is my creative sidekick! Always on the go and full of more ideas in his head than any school could ever run with, Stephen is my side-kick on several creative ventures. @SLTeachMeet and @MyEdHunt being just two of them! The man has a great sense of humour, so do click here to tweet him your best joke!  Oh, and he’s a deputy headteacher too, based in Kent. Check out his first book, Can Hippos Learn to Backflip?32. @HeatherLeattHeather works as an additional inspector for Ofsted and I can highly recommend her consultancy to support schools. She has just started out as a senior adviser for a London borough and is an English specialist. Click here to tweet her your favourite poems or Tennis players!31. @TheLazyTeacherJim Smith has saved teachers from hours and hours and hours of unnecessary workload. Buy his book and find out why! Click here to tweet this lazy deputy headteacher!30. @MooreLynne1Primary headteacher, mum, tweeter and blogger, Lynne is passionate about children getting the very best out of their education. She blogs here on Village School Head. Click here to tweet.29. @Simon_WarburtonA passionate deputy headteacher, tweeter, blogger and teachmeet-er, Simon is also a Google certified teacher. Click here to tweet.28. @[email protected] campaigner, Pooky has just achieved her PhD and is a passionate tweeter on all-things mental-health. You can click here to tweet. Her blog is here.27. @ssgill76We first met at a conference and have worked together on The 5 Minute Change Plan. We continue to support each other, asking for help when we don’t know the answer to school leadership. We once organised a TeachMeet as Sapuran’s school in Hounslow. Click here to tweet.26. @RobAnthony01As Rob states; “A Deputy Head of a Secondary School in Norwich with opinions on everything and a dangerous sense of humour.” Click here to tweet.25. @ActionJacksonThis man has single-handedly motivated 1000’s of students across the UK and beyond in time for their exams! He could motivate anything and anyone and that’s why he makes my top-25 tweeters! Click here to tweet Jackson.24. @KennyPieperAn English teacher in Scotland. Kenny is Just Trying to be Better. Click here to tweet him.23. @ThoseThatCanEmma Kell is passionate about teacher wellbeing. A passionate teacher and parent, currently conducting her doctorate. She blogs and tweets here.22. @KevBartleI really respect Keven Bartle’s opinions in his blog, Daily Genius. Each read is professional development for me. I wish this passionate educator and busy new headteacher would write more often as each blog stirkes a chord with the profession! A must connection for me: click here to tweet.21. @JillBerry102Ex-headteacher and current researcher, Jill Berry is the only person I know that regularly reads a wide variety of blogs and responds with feedback. In person, she is inspiring, intellectual and a great fun to be with! Click here to tweet.20. @RealGeoffBartonGeoff is a headteacher in Suffolk and writer of textbooks and articles about English, literacy, grammar and school leadership. His website is here and you click here to tweet.19. @LeadingLearnerAn executive heateacher of Christ the King, St. Cuthbert’s and St. Mary’s Catholic Academies. Stephen is also the chair of the SSAT Vision 2040 Group. He blogs and you can tweet him here.18. @Sue_CowleySue doesn’t realise, that she was actually informing my practice long before we knew each other online. Buy her book now, ‘Getting The Buggers to Behave!’ A timeless classic. Her blog is here and you can click here to tweet her.17. @Informed_EduDavid Weston is an inspiring man! He is the CEO and founder of @TeacherDevTrust charity, home of @GoodCPDGuide & @NTENetwork. David is a school governor and former maths and physics teacher. Click here to tweet.16. @ImagineEnquiryTim Taylor is a passionate man. He promotes innovation and excellence in primary education and has supported me in many ‘online situations.’ His blog is full of hidden gems. Click here to tweet.15. @MaryMyattHaving worked with Mary throughout 2013-14, this lady is the Miss Marple of education. Her blogs cut through the mud and her HMI presence online helps teachers and school leaders sort out the great and the good in classrooms across the land. If I were you, I’d ask her in to work in your school today! Click here to tweet.14. @MCladingbowl Sitting just outside my top-10, relatively new to Twitter, few would argue that this man has single-handedly made Ofsted much more connected with teachers on the ground. Sadly, Mike is leaving Ofsted next month and is returning to work as a headteacher in the North West of England. What a lucky school! Click here to tweet.13. @OldAndrewUKFormer anonymous blogger Andrew Smith can be described as a jar of Marmite. He is not to everyone’s taste, but serves as a useful litmus test for your own views. He has been blogging for 8 years and has just reached 1,000,000 views on Scenes From The Battleground. He has calmed down recently, but his tweets still draw in many tweeters looking to challenge his views. An Ofsted shaker, Andrew is a tweeter I hope to meet at a conference or teachmeet. He is based near Coventry. Click here to tweet and keep an eye on his avatar as it changes frequently …12. @TomBennett71Teacher, author and TES writer, Tom is probably the most creative writer I know. Co-founder of @ResearchEd1, shifting academic research into classrooms across the UK and soon-to-be across the globe. Click here to tweet if you love gifs and jpegs with a dose of humour.11. @Shaun_AllisonI finally met Shaun last week at a conference where he is championing Life Without Levels in a DfE pilot. Shaun is the author of ‘Perfect Teacher-Led CPD‘ and is a well-respected blogger and tweeter. Click here to tweet.10. @VicGoddardVic is the principal of Passmores Academy and an Independent Thinking Associate. He is the author of The Best Job in The World and epitomises the headteacher I would want to be! He is a gentleman with a wicked sense of humour! Click here to tweet.9. @ICTEvangelistMark Anderson is a self-confessed learning geek and senior teacher, soon to be consultant in January 2015. He is the author of ‘Perfect ICT Every Lesson’ and I just nominated his for ‘Best Individual tweeter’ for the forthcoming EduBlog Awards 2015. Enough said! Click here to tweet Mark.8. @PaulDixPaul Dix is a behaviour specialist transforming schools across the UK and overseas. He is a speaker, ex-Drama teacher and writer. He is the Managing Director for Pivotal Education, a superb company that supports schools, teachers and students in achieving outstanding teaching! Click here to tweet.7. @ICTMagicA self-confessed geek. Martin is the number one person to go-to for ICT support. An avid teachmeet fan and [email protected] facilitator. Click here to tweet.6. @LearningSpyI don’t care what David says, he is an A-list celebrity-blogger here in the UK. Passionate about teaching and exposing wrongdoings of Ofsted and leadership teams; David is single-handedly equipping teachers with strategies for the classroom, as well as ideas for whole-school. His passion is literacy, marking and assessment. He has written books and you can click here to tweet him.5. @ClerkToGovernorShena Lewington is the most passionate tweeter-governor I know! I had the privilege of meeting her at Ofsted headquarters in February 2014. Her website is full of advice for senior leaders across the UK. Click here to tweet her for advice.4. @HuntingEnglishAlex Quigley is a respected voice in the edu-blogger world. His blog is fabulous; full of thought and inspiration for teachers and schools! He is a director of learning and research at Huntington School, York. He is the author of ‘Teach Now!‘ You can click here to tweet him.3. @JohnTomsettJohn writes a wonderful blog and is a headteacher in York. He is also a member of the @HeadsRoundTable. is . Click here to tweet. He is a gentleman in the flesh and I often wonder how good it must feel to work in his school.2. @DebraKiddDebra is a mover and shaker online and off-line, particularity in her blogs. A recently published author, this teacher-trainer knows how to move opinion. I finally got to meet her last week! Click here to tweet.1. @teacherheadIt is very easy for me to list Tom Sherrington as my number 1 person to follow on Twitter for education. I worked with Tom over 15 years ago. We reconnected online via Twitter in 2012 – after he returned from a headship in Indonesia – and we soon re-established our friendship. Thanks to Twitter, this has led to meeting at several teachmeets, conferences and discussions on and offline with Ofsted and the DfE. He is already moving the goalposts, so I suggest you connect with him right now! Click here to tweet him.Follow this List?You may or may not follow everyone in this article, but you can still keep up with them on Twitter by following this list on Twitter. When you click to follow this list, you are just one click away from a stream of education consciousness, interaction and support.Which users should I add who weren’t mentioned in this post? Leave a comment at the bottom …Related

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