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@TeacherToolkitIn 2010, Ross Morrison McGill founded @TeacherToolkit from a simple Twitter account through which he rapidly became the ‘most followed teacher on social media in the UK’. In 2015, he was nominated as one of the ‘500 Most Influential People in Britain’ by The Sunday… Read more about @TeacherToolkitThe power of Twitter amongst many educationalists is fast-becoming an unstoppable force. Coup d’état!Two and a half years since @SLTchat was launched in August 2012, this humble Twitter account has a secured a coup d’état that no other has so far managed to achieved. For the first time ever, @SLTchat – a leadership-driven Twitter account has managed to agree the services of Nicky Morgan MP (Secretary of State for Education) to host the popular forum for school leaders this Sunday 7th December at 8pm until 8.30pm. You can follow this conversation using the hashtag #SLTchat, and support @SLTchat who are working with @educationgovuk.Discuss #SLTchat:@NickyMorgan01 hosts @SLTchat – click to openLeadership and Management:From educators all over the world, the wealth of knowledge that is available on Twitter is only really understood by those who tweet! If you are reading the blog and remain unconvinced, Twitter enhances your own skill set and as any of the past 44 @SLTchat hosts will vouch for, strengthens that of your school and the students that you [email protected]  is now the ‘go to place’ for all senior leaders who are gathering more and more online, tweeting to gather consensus, feedback and new ideas.To date, @SLTchat features every Sunday at 8pm during term-time only and currently boasts over 40 different school leaders as hosts; has trended on Twitter across the UK on several occasions and is proud to say has featured partnership discussions with hosts, @Ofqual, @Ofsted_News; @ASCL_UK and @EducationGovUK for the 4th time.A Final Word:A final word by @SLTchat deputy, @MrACalvert:Most senior leadership networks are small in comparison to some, but since the introduction of @SLTchat, and as deputy-moderator of @SLTchat, doors can now be opened for all those in education, into a superhighway that was never, ever possible through any other means. Together, our biggest ever takeover at @SLTchat, which follows on from the success of procuring the services as host by @ASCL_UK and their general secreatry @brianlightman, the DfE’s very own Secretary of State for Education, @NickyMorgan01 will lead the discussion on Sunday 7th December at 8pm. We have been told that Twitter is now becoming the number one place to engage with teachers and leaders far more readily than via traditional methods, such as questionnaires, forums and unions. We think the type of event has now made mainstream unions and some Twitter denigrates sit up and take notice. @SLTchat aims to stay apolitical, and it always will, but we now fully expect @TristramHunt, and maybe even Sir Michael Wilshaw to follow suit!You now have no choice but to follow Ms. Morgan and engage over 14,000 school leaders in healthy fast action debate on a Sunday evening! ASCL representatives will be taking part in the chat.Join @SLTchat?We are looking for a Deputy Head Girl to join the @SLTchat team and help us to engage leaders and unions across the UK.If you are interested, please contact assistant headteacher, @MrACalvert. Related

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