5 Time-Saving Ideas for Teachers by @TeacherToolkit

@TeacherToolkitIn 2010, Ross Morrison McGill founded @TeacherToolkit from a simple Twitter account through which he rapidly became the ‘most followed teacher on social media in the UK’. In 2015, he was nominated as one of the ‘500 Most Influential People in Britain’ by The Sunday… Read more about @TeacherToolkitThis is a blog about a teacher-training session I led online for Canadian teachers all over Quebec.You can download my presentation here on this blog, for free.Context:This CPD session was delivered for LEARN (Leading English Education and Resource Network) and took place in Laval, Montreal on the 18th February 2015. The hashtag for this online session was #LQWebEvent. You can download the 5 Time-Saving Techniques at the foot of this blog. Actually, there are 9 full Powerpoint presentations available to download (for free) on this page alone …You can read the first part of my experience in Canada here, The Vitruvian Teacher which is a prelude to my forthcoming book, focusing in on teacher-resilience. This was a face-to-face CPD session for 40+ teachers from across the Montreal and Ottawa region. I will blog the details of my trip in due course; particularity the issues Canadian teachers face … Details here.In this face-to-face session (above) I offered:Make instruction highly engaging and active for studentsSimplify lesson planning Improve marking so that students act on feedbackDesign assessments that require student responsibilitySet inspiring; differentiated and self-selecting homeworkIdentify ways to gather evidence in observations of self/peersReview teaching and shift pedagogy to be a leader of learningBecome a “Vitruvian” teacher and enrich your work life.You can download all 8 presentations I presented on the day, for free on this page…LEARN is an educational foundation supported in part by funding from the Quebec-Canada Entente for Minority Language Education that:offers e-learning services and support to all English school boards, private schools, community organizations and the private sector in rural and urban settings;supports and promotes pedagogical collaboration and innovation using information technology, and works to model best practices; andpublishes quality learning materials to support educators who are implementing competency-based practices in the classroom.There were 30 schools (locations) in total that logged in online to follow my session. I was told that one school was 12 hours away by car, which was still in the same educational region from where I was sitting! This is unfathomable in the UK …Time-Saving Tips:As part of my online session at LEARN, I focus on one key issue for every teacher across the world – not just the UK – workload. I offer the following resource as a collection of ideas in one single Powerpoint. The purpose, to offer effective time-saving ideas for all teachers, that can have immediate impact in the classroom the very next day!After being welcomed by colleagues sitting in the room (behind this image), you can see me just starting off the event and introducing myself …Download:In this resource, I have amalgamated all my thoughts from a wide-range of existing strategies, including some from my 100 Ideas book, presentations I offer at teacher-training days and conferences and have placed them into this single file. It is a 100Mb+ Powerpoint file and will take a moment to download.All I ask in return, is that you click this link and press tweet. and make a note of my copyright licence.Top-5 Time-Saving Ideas for Teachers by @TeacherToolkit:Oh go on, click this once more …I will blog full details of my Canada experience this week.TT. Related

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