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@TeacherToolkitIn 2010, Ross Morrison McGill founded @TeacherToolkit from a simple Twitter account through which he rapidly became the ‘most followed teacher on social media in the UK’. In 2015, he was nominated as one of the ‘500 Most Influential People in Britain’ by The Sunday… Read more about @TeacherToolkitThis is a blog about teacher resilience in the classroom.“Come and ‘ave a go if you think you’re hard enough!”Think you’re a ‘tough’ teacher? Even stretch to say you are resilient? Can you last 5 years or more in the classroom?Well, consider this; do you have enough bravado to consider being deprived of key resources and strategies that you use everyday in the classroom? What’s your number one classroom asset?Image: BBC3In this blog, there are an abstract and relatively risky set of ideas for you to try in your classroom this term. It’s designed to be *fun* and take the Ofsted-performance pressure away from teaching, and put back a little bit of creativity back into the souls and hearts of all those who teach.I’ve listed a number of ideas for you to ‘test your strength’.Quiz yourself by setting yourself and your colleagues some of the following tasks. I bet you can’t complete the list in less than 2 weeks! …Test your strength ideas:Date:Tick:1.     *A surprisingly strong idea* My students don’t need any objectives today!2.     What interactive whiteboard? You won’t see me using one.3.     Drop all of your class rules for one lesson.4.     Turn off all the classroom computers!5.     No paper allowed…6.     The students will teach the starter activity in each lesson today.7.     My students will evaluate ‘my’ lesson.8.     Post-it notes are banned for the week.9.     Keep your classroom door open ALL day!10. *Largely, a great idea* No PowerPoint presentations for the entire week!11. Avoid the following words: Right. Okay. Listen. Now. Quiet. Sssh. Move. Please.12. Do not use a red or a green pen…13. Mini-whiteboards. Keep them out of sight.14. Stand up. Yes, you! You are not allowed to sit down for the entire lesson.15. Push all the chairs/desks to the outside walls and sit on the floor in a circle.16. Worksheets. Not today. Not even for the whole week.17. In this lesson, levels and grades are not to be discussed.18. Invite 2 teachers into your lesson to observe you completing task 5, 7, 11 or 15.19. The sink. It’s out of bounds for the day! Do not turn those taps on Art teachers!20. Plan for your Teaching Assistant to deliver 15 minutes of the lesson.(Tick off any of the above ideas when achieved)Teaching Tip:Do not set any detentions for the entire day. No matter what! Resolve the issues there and then. Avoid The Breakfast Club scenario …Image: The Breakfast ClubTake it Further:Why not set a challenge within your department and ask colleagues to complete 3 or 4 suggestions above in just one day? This will guarantee all students walking into your department will be receiving risk-taking lessons for the entire day. Fantastic! Throw out the rule book! Who cares what Ofsted thinks? …Bonus Idea: Teach with your hands tied together and keep them lower than your waist! This will encourage you to be more communicative with your voice and face, rather than rely on use of your hands! It may even encourage you to consider your teacher language more thoughtfully? After all, education is all about literacy …Image: BennisincWhy not photocopy/email this blog and share it with a colleague and have a race to complete all 20 tasks?You can read more here.TT.Related

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