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@TeacherToolkitIn 2010, Ross Morrison McGill founded @TeacherToolkit from a simple Twitter account through which he rapidly became the ‘most followed teacher on social media in the UK’. In 2015, he was nominated as one of the ‘500 Most Influential People in Britain’ by The Sunday… Read more about @TeacherToolkitDuring a very stressful time of year, I offer this light-hearted post on teacher stereotypes for teachers who read my blog.Here I offer several analogies of the types of teachers found in every school and the attire they adorn. This is just a snapshot and is not comprehensive of all that exists. The blogpost is also designed in jest … Share it.Definition:Teachers allow themselves to be consumed by their role and environment. We often see ourselves in a role, either with a certain demeanour to portray, or with a certain professional stance to take or adhere to. However, even though having a high standard of professional conduct is entirely acceptable and desirable, there are occasions when we can allow our position – or our attire – to go to our heads.The Teacher Swagger (or a teacher with swag) is found on the corridors and playgrounds of every school. There are many give-aways, but I’d like to suggest there are certain stereotypes that we will all be very familiar with. The Teacher Swagger is the attire adorned by teachers, including the assets certain personalities and job-types hold on their possession.Swagger is revealed by the nature of teachers and their jobs, as well as the use of technology or fashion-savvy teachers dressed to impress. Items such as digital devices, ID cards, gizmos and fancy gadgets are also a give-away!The Swagger:Here are a few stereotypes of teachers with swagger, working in a school near you. Can you spot yourself?Mr. and Mrs.  Keychain:This type of teacher loves … the smallest ounce of power.This type of teacher can be observed by … the way the walk around school; the type that swings their keys around in a large circular-motion as they walked down the corridor or across the playground.This teacher will most likely dress … to impress, or not give a sh*t. They are happy that they have the one key/door-access power that overrides all and any other authority. They get their ego from the fact that everyone else is asking them for this key.Image: ShutterstockMr. and Mrs. Tweed:This type of teacher loves … the 1960s. They may even still be teaching in this era.This type of teacher can be observed by … their middle-class stationery surrounding their teacher deskThis teacher will most likely dress … woven in a twilled rather than a plain pattern.Image: ShutterstockMr and Mrs. Sporty:This type of teacher loves … ANY sporting event that is taking place on the television. This will be the only topic of conversation during this time.This type of teacher can be observed by … by their static physical stance in the middle of the playground, often modelled during any lesson.This teacher will most likely dress … in shorts in the winter and shorts in the summer. The only time they adorn a suit is for meetings with parents; or for the annual prom.Image: ShutterstockMr. and Mrs. Slurper:This type of teacher loves … a cup of tea!This type of teacher can be observed by … their lateness to class, with mug in hand as they push themselves through students on the corridor.This teacher will most likely dress … in any attire, so be careful. They are everywhere …Image: ShutterstockMr. and Mrs.  2nd Decade:This type of teacher loves … anything about their school and how they used to do things around here.This type of teacher can be observed by … their surroundings. Everywhere you go, you will see this person in every recess of the school.This teacher will most likely dress … exactly the same when they first arrived to the school in 1995!Image: ShutterstockMr. and Mrs. Geek:This type of teacher loves … digital solutions to help improve the work that they do.This type of teacher can be observed by … the digital device they are carrying to access emails and lesson plans.This teacher will most likely dress … sharp. Equipped with back-up battery packs should their device run out of juice on the go!Image: ShutterstockNew Kid on The Block:This type of teacher loves … being a teacher full stop! They are flabbergasted that they even have their own classroom.This type of teacher can be observed by … the long hours that they are putting in, in order to survive their first year.This teacher will most likely dress … smart-chic and smart-casual to work.Image: ShutterstockMr. and Mrs.  New Member of Staff:This type of teacher loves … the new opportunity they have to be in a new school.This type of teacher can be observed by … the conversations they have with members of staff, who nobody else talks to.This teacher will most likely dress … professionally, and what makes them comfortable. They are happy in their skin and pleased to be working in a new environment. They will do all that they can to learn new systems quickly and build new relationships to avoid them expressing a ‘shocked face’ and saying; “Why on earth do you do it like this?”Image: Shutterstockand finally,Mr. and Mrs.  Senior Leader:This type of teacher loves … being a leader of others.This type of teacher can be observed by … the conversations they have with members of staff, that nobody else sees …This teacher will most likely dress … straight-laced. Torn between their own personalities and those of ‘expectations.’ And the good ones have ‘swag’ but many have lost all sense of good taste.Image: ShutterstockWhat characters have I missed? Write your suggestions in the comments field below and I’ll consider adding them to the list …Thanks. TT.51.511214-0.119824Related

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