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John DabellI trained as a primary school teacher 25 years ago, starting my career in London and then I taught in a range of schools in the Midlands. In between teaching jobs, I worked as an Ofsted inspector (no hate mail please!), national in-service provider, project… Read more about John DabellHow much do you know about education?It’s pub quiz time! Take a look at the following questions and test your knowledge of the education world over the last year. Don’t panic, it’s multiple choice so you have a 1 in 4 chance of being right.Alternatively, test your colleagues in the pub over that first glass of wine or pint of beer once the school bell has finally rung for summer.Owing to workload pressures, I won’t be marking your answers – that’s down to you, but the answers are provided! If you get stuck, some of our previous blogs might just help so click on the links where you see them to find out more.Here we go and good luck!Question 1:Who is the government’s behaviour ‘tsar’?Sue CowleyTom BennettPaul DixAnthony MiddletonClueQuestion 2:Former teacher Candice Brown won the 2016 Great British Bake Off – which subject did she teach?MathsDesign and TechnologyGeographyP.E.Question 3:Who won the $1 Million Global Teacher Prize 2017?Raymond ChambersTracy Ann-HallMaggie MacDonnellBoya YangClueQuestion 4:How many children and young people were there with statutory Education, Health and Care Plans as of January 2017?175,233112,057215,66189,408Question 5:Can you name the primary Headteacher awarded an OBE in this year’s Queen’s Birthday Honours List?Ani MagillFelicity Alice BaileyJulie Anne AllenGillian Olive May JamesQuestion 6:Outspoken ex-Ofsted chief Sir Michael Wilshaw once recommended that heads follow which role model?Mrs DoubtfireClint EastwoodJohn KeatingRobert De NiroQuestion 7:Who was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Chartered College of Teaching this year?Geoff BartonDame Sally CoatesRussell HobbyProfessor Dame Alison PeacockQuestion 8:Which secondary teacher subject did the Migration Advisory Committee recommend be taken off the shortage occupations list?ChemistryPhysicsMathsMandarinClueQuestion 9:Which two teaching unions have agreed to work together to form the National Education Union?NUT and NASUWTNASUWT and NAHTNUT and ATLNASUWT and ATLQuestion 10:From June 2017, what training programme will teachers in secondary schools take part in?Internet safetyResponding to terrorismSupporting transgender childrenMental health first aidQuestion 11:Which Headteacher resigned in 2017 over bleak funding cuts?Mary SandwellClive ThompsonMargaret FossDave HigtonQuestion 12:What has been the most searched for word, term of phrase in the last 12 months?Growth Mindset21st Century SkillsMasteryResilienceQuestion 13:According to the OECD PISA report, who are the top three countries in the international school league tables?Singapore, Japan, CanadaFinland, Singapore, Chinese TaipeiSingapore, Japan, EstoniaSingapore, Japan, Hong KongClueQuestion 14:The National Schools Commissioner called for early years to be a ‘prerequisite’ part of every teacher’s education – who is the National Schools Commissioner?James Noble-RogersWendy ScottSir David CarterAndrew WarrenQuestion 15:Who led the report ‘Effective Primary Teaching Practice 2016’?Dame Reena KeebleSteve MunbyDavid WestonSir Mike TomlinsonQuestion 16:What percentage of primary schools are full or have one or more pupils in excess of their capacity?45.5%77.5%22.5%10.5%Question 17:According to the Education Endowment Foundation, how much is spent on teaching assistants a year?£50 million£500 million£1 billion£5 billionQuestion 18:According to the National Audit Office, what percentage of budget savings will schools have to make by 2019-20?6%8%10%12%Question 19:How many secondary schools are officially judged to be coasting based on the previous three years’ GCSE results?219279319409Question 20:When does the General Data Protection Regulation come into full force?25 September 201725 November 201725 February 201825 May 2018Question 21:According to The Global Competitiveness Report 2016-17, how well does the UK’s education system rank for how it contributes to the country’s economic competitiveness?5th15th20th25thQuestion 22:According to a report by the Education Policy Institute, what is the average number of days teachers in England spend every year on CPD?onetwothreefourQuestion 23:What was the number of suspected illegal schools investigated by Ofsted last year?1627836 5Question 24:According to the NAHT, what percentage of senior leadership staff have had to cover lessons after failing to recruit?14%41%50%62%Question 25:According to Timss, who are the unhappiest teachers?Maths and scienceGeography and historyEnglish and REDT and PEQuestion 26:What is the average loss in per-pupil funding faced by primary schools between 2015-2016 and 2019-20 according to research by the NUT, ATL, NAHT, GMB, Unison and Unite unions?£289£309£339£389Question 27:Who is the chief executive of the Academies Enterprise Trust?Ian ComfortSteph MacmillanEleanor TavernerJulian DrinkallQuestion 28:According to the Education Funding Agency, students and teachers are being put at risk of asbestos across England but how many?One in threeOne in fiveOne in eightOne in twelveClueQuestion 29:What is the number of pupils taught in Independent Schools Council (ISC) schools?225,879485,776522,879606,015Question 30:How many children in English state schools missed at least half a day of school for a family holiday in 2015-2016?801,980750,276689,990385,372How was it? Did you find it hard? The answers are below!

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