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Laura GeorgeLaura teaches Years 4-8 at King’s Rochester Prep. School and is head of RS and PSHEE. She has previously taught in secondary state comprehensive and grammar schools. She loves everything about teaching and often can be found telling her husband “Oh, this would be great… Read more about Laura GeorgeHow will you be celebrating this Christmas?As the term winds to an end, Christmas parties are over and the mince pies in the staffroom are nearly all eaten, it’s time to start thinking about the break. Here are some things to keep you busy over the festive season.1. What to WATCH?What are some of the best dramas over the Christmas break?Watership Down will air as two feature-length (1 hour 40 minute) episodes on BBC One on Saturday 22 December at 7pm and Sunday 23 December at 7.20pm. A great adaptation of the novel by Richard Adams.John Malkovich delivers his incarnation of Hercules Poirot in BBC One’s three-part adaptation of Agatha Christie’s chilling ABC Murders. First episode Wednesday 26th at 9pm.2. What to READ?3. What to EAT?I am only going to be able to add something as naughty at an indulgent time like now so here it is, Chocolate clementine torte.This is such a lovely dessert for an alternative to more traditional choices. It is lovely and smooth but also has the hit of chocolate everyone needs!4. Who to [email protected]_UK is a way to follow Christmas from a very British perspective! It has links to TV, video and even a Christmas countdown!12 Days of Christmas activity list!Stuck for ideas on things to do this time of year? Here are some things to try and do to make Christmas extra special this year.1. Mystery stocking gameFill a large Christmas stocking with items from around the house and ask your guests to guess what’s inside without looking. Add in items like a carrot, a cracker, a sponge and a brush. Have several stockings ready if you have a large gathering at Christmas.2. Say my nameAsk the kids to make table nameplates for everyone who’s coming to Christmas dinner, with a drawing of the person rather than their name – it will be fun trying to work out who’s who. Or they could write the person’s name and put something nice or funny on the other side.3. Remember Christmases pastRaid the family photo album for half a dozen snaps of past Christmases. Stick them on a large sheet of paper with some funny captions, put some tinsel round it and pin it to the wall.4. Festive dipLive near the sea? Many seaside towns hold a Christmas Day swim – so go and cheer the swimmers on and maybe even have a dip yourself!5. Hit a noteRing relatives who can’t be with you and sing Christmas carols down the phone.6. Say cheesePlace disposable cameras on the Christmas table so everyone can take funny, spontaneous pictures of each other.7. Have a carol contestChallenge family to see how many Christmas carols they can remember in five minutes for a contest. Or play carol charades and act out some of the favourite tunes!8. Make your own crackersIt can be loads of fun to make some crackers and you can personalise the prizes (and maybe even the jokes) the the people who will be popping them on the day.9. Christmas movie nightGet everyone around on the sofa, get the popcorn and sit and watch one (or more) favourite Christmas movies as a family.10. Christmas light tourAfter getting the kids ready for bed give them a ticket for a Christmas light tour. Put some duvets in the car, have some snacks and take a tour of the local area looking at the amazing lights.11. Get involvedThe best way to make sure this is your best Christmas ever is to get involved in all the Christmas activities in your local community. Go ice skating, take part in a Santa run, go to your local carol service, visit the most decorated house in your area or go to a craft fair. Get involved with as much as you possibly can to make sure this Christmas is memorable and meaningful.12. Christmas traditionThe best way to make this your best Christmas ever is to start a new tradition. You could invite your family or friends to each buy a new Christmas decoration for your tree or you could go on a special Christmas eve walk and stop in at a cafe for a Christmas treat. Make your Christmas tradition something that you look forward to and make sure it’s meaningful to you.Remember, Christmas is a time for relaxing and enjoying yourself so that we can avoid burnout when we go back to school. Let’s not think about that just yet!Related

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