Visits to English Schools by Amanda Spielman

@TeacherToolkitIn 2010, Ross Morrison McGill founded @TeacherToolkit from a simple Twitter account through which he rapidly became the ‘most followed teacher on social media in the UK’. In 2015, he was nominated as one of the ‘500 Most Influential People in Britain’ by The Sunday… Read more about @TeacherToolkitWhich schools has Amanda Spielman visited since her appointment as Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector?On 11th December 2018, I made a Freedom of Information request to Ofsted. I wanted to know which schools Amanda Spielman had visited since her appointment, including what conferences and teacher-training events she has attended on a Saturday.Image credit: The Guardian.Freedom of Information“Dear Ofsted, Please could you advise of the number of visits to early years, primary, secondary state schools and colleges by Amanda Spielman since she became HMCI on 1st January 2017. I already know you have provided details for primary schools on 03.12.18 (but the date period does not include her full tenure). Could you also include events that she has attended on a Saturday? I would like this data broken down by:Ofsted gradingType of school (including free school, grammar, studio etc)RegionDate of visitName of school/event.”Ofsted responded …“In relation to the first part of your request: we hold information about the early years provisions, schools and further education colleges visited by HMCI Amanda Spielman between 1 January 2017 and 11 December 2018, and this list can be provided to you. Please find this list in attached Annex A. Information about the latest Ofsted inspection outcome, type of provision and region for each setting can be found on our website using the inspection report search function. (This took about one hour to do.) In relation to the second part of your request: we hold information about the conferences attended by HMCI Amanda Spielman on Saturdays, since her appointment. This can be provided to you. Please find this list in attached Annex A.”Initial analysisSince 1st January 2017, Amanda Spielman has visited 35 schools throughout the 709 day period. We know Spielman’s key role is not to visit schools, but we have taken this broad figure into the calculationIf we remove the 6-week summer holiday, two weeks at Easter/Christmas and February and October half term (this equates to 37 weeks work per year), this means Amanda Spielman has visited 35 schools from a possible ~518 days in her position. If we also remove the weekends (148 days) from the possible ‘school weeks’ Spielman could visit a school, this leaves 35 schools out of a possible 370 days (over a two-year period).On 19 April 2018, Spielman did visit 4 school settings in one day in Derby. If you compare this to the person in charge of education, Damian Hinds has a 2.1 school visit ratio in the year since he was appointed; Nick Gibb has a 6.1 school visit ratio over a longer period of time and Amanda Spielman has an average of 0.1 schools per week.Ofsted rating at the time of visitLet’s break down the demographics of Spielman’s school visits, their type and Ofsted rating at the time of her visit.Number of Outstanding schools visited = 9 schoolsNumber of Good schools visited = 14 schoolsNumber of Requires Improvement schools visited = 0 schools Number of Inadequate schools visited = 3 schools Number of Special Measures schools visited = 0 schoolsNumber of schools with no Ofsted rating visited = 8 schoolsNote, schools with no Ofsted rating are largely academy converters.Shadow InspectionsNumber of schools Spielman shadowed an Ofsted inspection team = 9 schoolsOfsted’s FOI: One school’s URN in Stoke-On-Trent (which was also shadowed by Spielman) could not be found on Ofsted’s database – where has it gone? One school’s Ofsted report was published on the day of a visit.Types of schoolNumber of academy schools visited = 15 schoolsNumber of community schools visited = 7 schools Number of 16-19 visited = 7 colleges, Inc. High-Speed RailNumber of early years visited = 4 schoolsNumber of ITT institutions visited = 1 training providerNumber of free schools visited = 0 schoolsNumber of pupil referral units visited = 0 schoolsConferences attendedCofE Foundation for Educational Leadership Conference – 4 February 2017NAHT Annual conference – 29 April 2017Harris Federation Senior Leaders Conference – 8 July 2017ResearchEd – 9 September 2017ARK Teach – 25 November 2017ASCL Annual Conference – 10 March 2018ResearchEd – 8 September 2018New Voices Conference – 13 October 2018It is good to see Spielman has visited challenging schools, but there is a clear bias towards academies. In forced conversions, Spielman has shadowed some to better understand how the inspection process operates at the sharper end of the wedge. This is welcomed news – whether these outcomes are accurate and reliable is another matter – as no one quite knows what inspectors do after the inspection. After all, 22 schools required a second inspection because of school or inspector problems …It’s quite worrying that one’s schools URN is incorrect in the FOI.Related

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