10 Apps To Aid Pupil Revision

Laura GeorgeLaura teaches Years 4-8 at King’s Rochester Prep. School and is head of RS and PSHEE. She has previously taught in secondary state comprehensive and grammar schools. She loves everything about teaching and often can be found telling her husband “Oh, this would be great… Read more about Laura GeorgeHow can we help students prepare for their exams?Teaching and support staff in our schools will be working very hard to create amazing resources to support pupils. During this busy time of year, apps can come to the rescue for busy teachers and help reduce the stress of planning in order to improve pupils’ grades.Here are 10 apps to consider:1. gojimo.comThis can be accessed via PC or the app downloaded on to tablets. All the quizzes relate to different specs and are set up and ready to go. Many levels can be accessed from GCSE to A level. It is managed by staff or students to test knowledge.2. socrative.comThis allows teachers to create simple quizzes that students can take quickly on laptops or via classroom tablet computers or their own smartphones. Quizzes can be true/false, multiple choice, graded short answer or allow open-ended short responses. Activities can either be teacher-paced (for use during a classroom discussion) or student-paced (for use as a more traditional class-end “exit ticket” or quiz). There’s also a gaming element: the “Space Race” feature can set up a quiz so that teams of students can compete against one another to launch rockets into space.3. quizlet.com/liveMany know about how Quizlet can be used to create keyword flashcards online and give out to students but Quizlet live allows these to be practised in the class. The added bonus is that pupils must work together as only certain pupils in one group will have the correct answer. This means that everyone has to be involved and no one can take over and answer them all.4. kahoot.comAnother great app for creating timed quizzes for added competition for key words or ideas. Kahoot can be used online or as an app so that pupils can work in teams or alone to get the correct answer to personalised questions. Also, a fab feature for progressions is Kahoot ghost that allows the same pupils to try to beat their own scores! This is great to show revision progress from the start of a lesson/session compared to the end.5. memrise.comThough just for languages, this app can be very useful for all school with many more pupils covering a language to meet EBacc qualifications. This is a useful app for all languages and uses videos to help learners. 6. bubbl.usA visual thinking tool for structuring information, helping students better understand, remember and generate new ideas.7. revisionbuddies.comThis is an app with a cost but it might be worth a whole school looking at getting it and allowing access for pupils. It can provide short bursts of revision for many GCSE topics and tracks progress too. It even allows the pupils to access past papers and mark schemes.8. goconqr.comThis app allows pupils or teachers to create mind maps and flashcards using key terms. Banks of subject resources are freely available and mind maps can be set as a video to show different themes.9. wordflex.comThis app is another way of using a dictionary and with an increased focus on key terms and a content-rich curriculum. This could be useful across many topics.10. keltymentalhealth.ca/breathrExam season can be stressful for pupils and mindfulness can be a way to combat this and improve grades overall. Taking time at the start of a revision lesson or an exam to focus and relax can be a useful tool for achieving top grades. This app is easy to use and puts lots of mindfulness activities in one place.There are many revision tools that can be utilised for revision that help both teachers and pupils get organised. They can save time and effort and can be great fun too! These are just some of the apps I recommend and there are plenty more to consider.DownloadDownload the PDF poster for your classroom and staffroom.Related

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