Making The Most Of Modelling

Hanna BeechHanna Beech has been teaching for ten years and has a range of experience across Key Stages 1 and 2 in a large Primary School in Kent. She is a phase leader for Years 3 and 4, and also leads on teaching and learning for… Read more about Hanna BeechHow often do you model learning to pupils?Modelling is one of Rosenshine’s key principles of effective instruction but how often do you model what to do. Here are 7 suggestions…1. Plan your modellingSpending a short time thinking about ‘how’ you will model a concept or outcome can really improve your self-confidence. Sometimes, the simplest of concepts are the hardest to model!2. Model liveProviding a live model is going to show pupils process, rather than the outcome.3. Go with the flowKnow that modelling too quickly or too slowly will impact how well your pupils proceed with the learning. Scan the room to decide if you ought to speed up or slow down your modelling. Regularly check the learning!4. Exploit modelling throughout the lessonUse the input to model to the whole class; adapt the learning time to model to those who need further instruction and before the end of the lesson, provide pupils with the chance to model their learning to each other.5. Talk-through your modellingTalking over the top of your modelling allows pupils to hear your thinking. Sometimes you’re actually modelling how to think about a process, rather than the process itself.6. SimplifyBreak down longer processes by modelling one part at a time.7. Use worked examplesProvide a worked example to help key pupils.Every time teachers show a pupil how to do something, this is modelling. Modelling takes up a large proportion of a teacher’s day, so make the most of your modelling to maximise outcomes. My top tip is to make it an explicit routine and reduce modelling over time to allow pupils to think for themselves.Related

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