Podcast 78: Working In Neuroscience and Online Learning

Joshua McGovernJoshua McGovern has been working with Teacher Toolkit since March 2018. He is responsible for our Soundcloud and iTunes channels and is the production manager for podcasts. He has a degree in Music Production and is a graduate of Leeds Beckett University. Aside from working… Read more about Joshua McGovernHow can teachers use free, online tools, to reduce workload and improve pupils retention?Our 78th podcast is with Dr Flavia Belham, a former science teacher from Brazil and chief scientist at Seneca Learning in London; an online platform used by 2.5 million people in the U.K.In this podcast, listen to Flavia and Teacher Toolkit founder, Ross McGill discuss:Flavia’s educational background and how she ended up working with monkeysLife as a teacher, working in a state school in Brasilia and running a night class for over 40’sFlavia’s PhD research: How well people of differing ages remember positive and negative informationHow emotion and memory interact in young and older adultsA typical week at Seneca Learning; homework and revision toolsThe types of insights Seneca has discovered about its millions of usersTools that help teachers mark homework more effectivelyProjects that Seneca is working on, outside of the U.K.Listen to the podcast (22 minutes) https://www.teachertoolkit.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Podcast-78-Dr-Flavia-Belham.mp3Remember, our podcast is available on iTunes!You can follow Flavia on Twitter and find out more about Seneca Learning.  Related

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